- In Memory of Walter Getchell -

There are people in this world who by their human spirit and personal example make a lasting impression on those around them.  Such a person was Walter Getchell, a retired music educator who, with his wife Sue, was a significant influence in the growth of the Washington County Children’s Chorus.  It was through knowing the Getchells that Doug and I gained the courage to stretch our horizons by traveling to Europe, to take challenges and raise the aspirations of our young people in Washington County, and to embrace the excitement of trying to do what should not be able to be done.

Walter always greeted the efforts of the WCCChorus with a smile and an outstretched hand.  He supported with word and deed.  He shared his enthusiasm for young people and music and helped make the WCCChorus what it is today as we plan the WCCChorus’ fourth trip to Europe.

We are forever grateful to Walt and his family for being part of our lives, and to his son Robert for continuing to help our young singers appreciate their own gifts.

- Christine Guy, Founder and Director Washington County Children’s Chorus


Rehearse-a-Thon 2017!

The hard-working singers of the WCCChorus spent four hours practicing songs and choreography, while earning money towards their 2018 trip!

Thanks go out to the chorus sponsors for this event, and also to the parent volunteers who made sure the choristers sang on full stomachs!

See you at our spring concert in May!  Check back for a finalized date and time for this annual event.